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Mandera county revenue office reduced to ashes

The revenue offices of Mandera County were last night razed to the ground by unkown arsonists hit the building with a bazooka.

A security guard was injured in the incident while his colleague escaped unhurt.

Mandera East OCPD Mr. Jackson Rotich saith that armed gangs in a Toyota pickup attacked the county offices at Mandera  bus park at around 1.30am.

Mandera county's revenue office

Mandera county’s burnt revenue office

“Nothing was salvaged from the building. Everything inside the offices was burnt to ashes” he said.

Important financial documents, computers and furniture were destroyed.

The OCPD said that no one was arrested following the incident but confirmed investigations were underway.

The attack comes barely five days after another on toll stations run by the county government.

Mandera County Govern Hon. Ali Roba promised a reward of 1M Kesh to any one who forwards information leading to the arrest of the arsonists.

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  1. Ahmed Farah

    This is indeed the beginning of a separatist movement plot that I believe will culminate in the formation of another South Sudan in Eastern Africa.


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