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Mandera buses to resume operation after services suspended for weeks.

By Abdiweli Aden

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Tawakal bus on Mandera-Nairobi route.

Mandera buses plying to Mandera-Nairobi route are expected to resume operation on Wednesday this week after 3 weeks of paralyzed services.

Buses travel suspension came after two Mandera bound buses were attacked on Elwak-Wargadud route killing one police reservist and injured five civilians.

Talks to resume operation have been ongoing between Mandera security team and Bus owners since operations have been paralyzed.

The continuous meetings bears fruit after it has been finalized today and agreement buses to resume operation on Wednesday this week was reached.

Mandera Bus Association chairman Mr Mohamed Bardad told NEP Journal that this morning meeting between security team and business owners was fruitful. He said all minor issues raised by bus owners have been resolved and buses will resume operation as usual.

“We have sealed a lasting deal for better security arrangements along roads where most of the recent attack has taken place especially in the Wargadud-Elwak-Kutulo road with security team led by Mandera County Commissioner Mr Fredrick Shisia,” said Mr. Mohamed

Mohamed Hassan told NEP Journal that Mandera residents have remained helpless for the last three weeks bus services were paralyzed as majority of resident couldn’t afford flight ticket.

“I am now happy and thank bus owners for their tireless efforts to make sure operations resume as usual. I booked my ticket on  July 2nd for Nairobi a day before the buses operation was suspended and up to know stranded in Mandera,” He said.

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