Mandera branch Jubilee party elections end in disarray as opposing sides fail to agree

By NepJournal December 18, 2016 22:01

Mandera branch Jubilee party elections end in disarray as opposing sides fail to agree

By NJ Correspondent:

A day after Mandera leaders agreed to share slots in the ruling jubilee party’s local branch official slots along constituency and clan lines, confusion marred the final results today as opposing sides failed to agree on the final list.

Jubilee point man and Takaba Member of Parliament Mohamud Mohamed said in a press briefing in Mandera on Sunday that the final result was a shamble and will be sorted out at the party headquarters.

“The elections were to be done as per the party laid down rules but there was variation from that, there was pressure to include other stakeholders and we accepted that after it apparently became difficult to move on” said the MP.

This was after a standoff in the manner of holding the elections ended on Saturday with local leaders agreeing to share slots along consistency and clan lines where the dominant Garre received 10, Murule 4, Degodia 2 and corner tribes 2.

The Garre’s clan’s however failed to agree on the ten slots which according to Mohamud was to be shared equally by the two sides, one supporting the council of elders who have their preferred candidates in the coming election, and the other opposing the verdict.

“As you know, there is a lot of acrimony within the Garre clan, both groups sat with the elders and the criteria of sharing the slots was discussed. Discussion could however not proceed due to divergent irreconcilable views, the other side insisted that the council of elders should share out the slots while we said no, finally it was suggested the list be shared equally but the council of elders and their aspirants walked away” confirmed Mohamud who was flanked by governor Roba and other leaders.

He added efforts to contact the returning officers was fruitless as they left by then.

The MP said they then contacted the party headquarters to inform the party that only nine names were agreed upon as submitted by the other clans.

He said they will now take the five names proposed by the side opposed to the elders’ verdict alongside the nine submitted by other clans to the party headquarters on Tuesday.

Mohamud said the side allied to the elders will now have their five slots reserved and asked them to submit to the party headquarters from Tuesday.

Already, another list has started circulating on social media.

Mr. Mohamud who is a member of the jubilee campaign team for North eastern region has alongside Governor Ali Roba broken ranks with the decision by the Garre Council of elders to drop all current leaders in favor of a new crop of leaders to be selected by their respective sub-clans.

Watch the full press briefing here.

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By NepJournal December 18, 2016 22:01

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