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Mandera and Wajir among safest counties in the country

Mandera County

a section of Mandera town

By Farah Adan

Residents of Wajir and Mandera Counties have a reason to smile after a police report released on Wednesday ranked the two counties among the safest in the country despite terror attacks.

Mandera County reported 252 crime incidents with 64 deaths caused by terror attacks while Wajir County reported 438 out of the 69,736 cases reported countrywide.

The National Police Service Annual Crime Report 2014 was released by the acting Inspector General of Police Samwel Arachi.

The least number of crime cases were reported in Isiolo (219), Mandera (252) Lamu (316), Marsabit (370), Samburu (371) and Wajir (438) making them the safest counties in that order.

Wajir County

a section of Wajir town

North eastern region was however among the four regions that recorded increased cased of crime at 18% coming second to Nyanza which recorded 22%.

Terrorism, tribal conflicts and cattle rustling were responsible for the conflicts experienced Mandera, Wajir and Isiolo.

Mandera senator Hon. Billow Kerrow welcomed the report and urged Mandera residents to assist police in nabbing those associated with terror attacks on the town.

“It is only terrorism that has dented the otherwise safe status of the county. And terrorism is a global problem that even developed countries have challenges in dealing with. Let’s be patient as the government makes every effort to handle this menace”. Said Kerrow in a post on his Facebook page.




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