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Man who roasted teenage wife in Shimbir-Fatuma, Mandera arrested.

By Farah Adan

mandera county hosp entrance

Police in Mandera County have arrested the Man who not only burnt his wife after a domestic quarrel but also kept her away from the limelight for four months.

40 year old Shariff Isaack who was married off to the 16year old Khadija Ibrahim was reportedly arrested last night.

He caused her the bodily harm on January 27, 2015 but the incident cropped up late last week after word went round of the girls suffering.

Authorities launched investigations as soon as the girl’s story was made public.

Police say the man will be arraigned in court soon.

His arrest comes after Mandera County Commissioner Mr. Alex ole Nkoyo gave directions to that effect.

The incident sent shock waves down the spines of many given the gruesome way it was done and handled.

Nkoyo also directed county police commander Mr. Job Boronjo to arrest the area chief and his assistant assistant for questioning.

They are suspected of conspiracy with the husband and family

“An entire community of Shimbir Fatuma has conspired against the victim. After the incident, nobody reported or helped to take her to hospital for treatment. The village remained silent as the victim suffered at home for four months until the wounds got septic. This is the  worst domestic violence that could happen to any woman in this world,” lamented Mrs. Ubah Ibrahim, Mandera County’s Maendeleo ya wanawake Chair lady who helped bring the girl to hospital.

The girls is being treated at Mandera County referral hospital but the County government is planning to airlift her to Nairobi for specialized treatment.

The process was delayed as the girl had no documentation such as birth certificate.


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