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Man arrested in Uhuru’s home is ill, say relatives

By Adow Mohamed – The Star


Mire in the dock on Wednesday after he was arrested at President Uhuru’s Gatundu home on suspicion of being on a surveillance mission

RELATIVES of a man arrested by police at Uhuru Kenyatta’s Gatundu rural home on Tuesday now say he is a psychiatric patient. The family of Siyad Mire Said disclosed the suspect was diagnosed with a mental disorder in 2004 in Nairobi and was admitted and treated at the Mathari Mental Hospital.

His file number at Mathari is 61470 of 2004 and his doctor was John Gakinya, who has since left the hospital, the family said. An uncle, Ali Said, told the Star yesterday that Siyad went missing from the family’s Imara Daima home in Nairobi at around 4am on Tuesday.

“Siyad was sick. Before he came to our home in Imara Daima, he was with uncle Hassan Ahmed Mohamed in Garissa,” he said. “He came to Nairobi on Monday from Garissa, before he disappeared,” he said. He said was under medication for more than 10 years.

“I suspect that he failed to take his drugs,” he said. Ali could not, however, explain clearly how Siyad found himself in Gatundu. “We are equally surprised. As we were looking for him, we heard in the media that he was arrested and that he is a terror suspect,” he told the Star. Yesterday, Siyad was in the hands of the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit.

The officers were shown his medical records at the Mathari Hospital. Sources also told the Star the officers presented the papers at the Milimani law courts. “Actually he may be released any time,” said a court official. Siyad’s brother Ahmed Mire spent the better part of the day with ATPU officers who sought to know the motive behind Siyad’s presence at the President’s Kiambu home. Police spokesperson Gitiria Mboroki yesterday said she is unaware of the Mathari Hospital report.

She however asked family members to await a response from investigating officers. “If it is true that the guy is sick, the investigating officers will advise accordingly,” she said. On Wednesday, prosecutor Daniel Karuri told Milimani resident magistrate Edda Agade they believed the suspect was sent to carry out surveillance for a planned terrorist attack. Karuri successfully requested that the suspect be detained for 15 days to allow police to complete investigations.

“Police have not established the reason for trespassing on the presidential home by the suspect – or the people behind it,” Karuri said. In April last year, the government deported Abdirahman Abdi, a mentally unwell man, to Mogadishu during Operation Usalama Watch. He has since been returned to the country after the Star exclusively highlighted his story.


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