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LSK lashes out at Duale over attack on High court Judge

By NJ Correspondent:

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Majority leader Aden Duale (right) flanks President Uhuru at a previous function in State House, Nairobi. Duale is a Jubilee die hard and fiercely defends the ruling coalition.


The law society of Kenya has expressed concerns over Majority leader Aden Duale’s scathing attack on High judge George Odunga.

LSK termed the utterances as by Duale as “an attack on the independence of the judiciary, integrity of the judge and an abuse of parliamentary privilege” After the outspoken Garissa township MP accused High Court Judge George Odunga of playing “tribal politics” and being partisan.

In an outburst shortly after Jubilee MPs used their numerical strength to pass contentious amendments to the electoral laws, Duale claimed Justice Odunga was taking back the Judiciary to the old days.

“And I want to tell one Judge Odunga, when we open on January 24, I will introduce a Motion to discuss you. We will expose you. You cannot be a member of the Bench and play tribal politics,” he said.

Duale’s remarks came as the judge was preparing to rule on an application by the opposition challenging the changes pushed through by the ruling Jubilee coalition.

In his ruling, Judge Odunga ruled that nothing could stop the court from reversing any decisions made by Parliament.

“It is an attack on the independence of the judiciary and on the integrity of the honorable judge and an abuse of parliamentary privilege. It is conduct completely untenable in any civilised democracy,” said Mr Isaac Okero, the LSK president.

He said Justice Odunga holds an important constitutional office as a judge of the superior court and a member of the judiciary whose independence is protected by Article 160(1) of the Constitution.

Okero said the body will not tolerate any attempt to undermine the independence of the judiciary.


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  1. Abduljabar

    Judicial independence is not a precise and immutable concept that has been handed down to us divinely and it has to be fought for each day. Its grounded in public respect to court and for the judicial function. Like respect , it cannot be demanded. It must be earned.


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