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Love birds given police protection against relatives unhappy with their union

By S. Hassan

A Nairobi court has directed police to provide protection to a woman whose relatives are not happy with her union with a man from a different faith.

Fatuma Abdi Mohamed who hails from Mandera sought protection after her kin tried to forcefully separate her from her lover Anthony Omodho Ojowi over his faith.

The girl’s parents are Muslims and their disapproval is due to the fact that Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men. However, Muslim men can marry from the people of the book (practicing Christians and Jews).

The couple moved to court after the girl’s parents forcefully took her to Mandera against her will in order to keep her away from her lover.

On Friday last week, Fatuma appeared before Justice Odunga and said that she wanted to stay with her husband adding that her life was in danger following threats by her parents and relatives.

“She requires the court’s protection to enable her live peacefully as she was allegedly abducted by the parents and taken to Mandera,” said Willis Werimo Echesa, the couple’s lawyer.

In a sworn affidavit, the girl’s husband Mr. Anthony Ojowi said that his wife was kidnapped by her relatives from Eastleigh on December 4, 2014 as she was visiting a friend.

“The relatives have been opposed to our union, expressed disapproval and issued threats against our marriage,” he said.

Fatuma sent him messages that she was being taken to Mandera without her consent.

“My captors are guarding me. I am in Mandera and locked up. I will be killed. I was driven by road to Mandera. Please save me,” read one of her messages.

The judge therefore directed Muthangari police station OCS to provide security to the couple following the threats.

The case will be mentioned on January 8 before Justice Isaac Lenaola.


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