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Looting at Garissa County treasury

By Muhidin Ibrahim:

Garissa town

a street in Garissa town.

There is continuous looting at the Garissa county treasury for the last three months by one Muktar Buro, The head of treasury in Garissa County.

Muktar has a degree in Human Resources, a profession that has nothing to do with the finance docket, he is running finance and accounting departments hence yet he has no sound financial management background.

Mr. Muktar has orchestrated the removal of five senior individuals through his influence with the Garissa County top-most leadership. Those who he hatched a plan to remove were former CEC Finance, Chief Officer Abdullahi, Chief Finance Officer and deputy Chief Finance Officer who were transferred to County Affairs department.

He also led to the demotion of two accountants from the examination unit at the treasury after they failed to examine vouchers linked to his interested parties.

Mr. Muktar Enjoys the privileges of the County Boss with four crucial rights in the IFMIS System name: Invoicing, p1 Approval, CFO approval, Examination, Validation, and Payment Approval. These rights go against the segregation of duties in accounting which the law states that one person cannot perform more than two functions. What the Garissa public are witnessing at the county treasury is a breach of the principle of segregation and broad day light looting and robbery.

Muktar is further accused of paying himself a ghost project of 15M of security consultancy through a company named Vickers Security Company that is owned by Major Bashir, an aspirant for Mandera North parliamentary seat.

The same man has also paid himself yet another ghost project of 20M of supply of Water treatment substance through a relative’s company.

Since Mr. Muktar was appointed to head the Garissa County treasury, Over 100 Million of tax payers money could not be accounted for and over 30 million without documentation could not be seen neither verified.

Interest is at stake as the new CO at the treasury and the Deputy Governor are quite well aware of the rot and loot at the Garissa County treasury.

In my possession, I have very prema facie evidence to prove my allegations against the said officer at the treasury either in EACC or even before the court of law.

The writer is a concerned resident of Garissa County. The views expressed here are his own and do not necessary reflect those of Nep Journal.

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