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Let us support education of our needy students for prosperity



BY Umar Sakwa Swaleh



We wish to take this opportunity to join others in congratulating our Muslim Students who have secured admission through Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement (KUCCP) to join Institutions of higher learning to pursue various disciplines in the academic year 2017/2018.

While celebrating your success in your academic achievements, I wish to acknowledge that everyone has a story on his/her  journey to education for some it has been easy but for the majority it has not been that easy at all.

Therefore we cannot live and bury our heads under the sand regarding the high cost of education in the country which is beyond the reach by bright Muslim students from needy families.

Muslim institution and leadership need to compliment these efforts by having a robust plan in providing the necessary infrastructure that will help our students realize their potential dreams.

For a period of time offering bursaries and scholarship has been our way of life especially to the needy bright students. But the rising cost of Education and demand from the community dictates that we need to review our priorities in our matters   if we are to cater for this rising challenge demand.

We wish to commend Muslim institution and leadership for Ensuring that Muslims across the country have decent Mosques with Modern facilities in the Country. We pray for them to the Almighty Allah (s.w) to accept their intention and deeds and reward them abundantly in this world and hereafter.

But our plea to them is that the same spirit should also be extended in addressing Education matters for our Bright Muslim needy students because our success as a community will be defined by our investment in Education.

The recently development Initiative by  Africa Education and  Development Trust(AEDT) of providing free loan facility to our students as well as our two Financial Institution Gulf African Bank and First Community Bank for opening the Education opportunities of our Students through their foundations is timely welcomed.

May Allah reward abundantly in this world and hereafter. My prayers as a community we need to support such initiative if they are to make a meaningful contribution in our communities.

Furthermore we wish to commend the effort done by the leadership of Higher Education Loan board through the advice of our Muslim Scholars for considering providing this loan through sharia compliant concept. This is a step in the right direction as it will help needy bright Muslim students to accomplish their academic dreams.

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