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Leaders help raise 74m for Garissa Madrassas

By Fuad Abdirahman:

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A joint fundraiser for three Islamic institution in Garissa managed to raise a total of 74, 688,000 surpassing the 50m target.


Speaker Ekwe Ethuro, Governor Nathif Jama and prominent lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi were among the notable leaders and businessmen who graced the function which was held at a Nairobi hotel on Monday night.


The funds are in support of Madarasatu Najah, Madarasatu Salam and Al Mustaqbal University all in Garissa town to help the institutions in infrastructural and human resource development.


Speaking at the event, Senate speaker Ekwe Ethuro said such initiatives will help prevent the institutions from falling into the wrong hands and will go a long way in ensuring they offered the right education to students.


On alleged radicalization in some Madrasas in the country, Ethuro refused to blame the menace on the curriculum of the institutions.


“Madarasa used to exist even in 1960s while this menace started a few years ago, if Madarasa was behind this, why did the same not happened then? He posed.


Governor Nathif Jama thanked all those who contributed to cause. The function is the second one of its kind for institutions in Garissa.

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