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KWS officer arrested in Wajir for helping illegal immigrants into the country

A Kenya Wildlife Service officer from Isiolo KWS has been detained at Wajir Police Station on allegations of aiding in transportation of unlawful Ethiopians immigrants into Kenya.

Wajir County Commander Stephen Ng’etich said Officer John Kioko was detained at Garsekoftu, Wajir West. He was dressed in an official service uniform and was armed with an authorized rifle.

According to the commander, the officer could not give a satisfactory reason to his intentions in the region and was apprehended.

He added that they had started inquiries to establish whether he has been among officers unlawfully helping the transportation of Ethiopians into Kenya using the Wajir route.

There had been earlier claims that an Administration Police officer from Isiolo was aligning with the suspects and helping them dodge the police.

In just last month alone, over 100 illegitimate immigrants have been detained in parts of the county.

The latest was the apprehension of 52 unlawful immigrants at Qalla Arbajahan, Wajir West Sub-County. They were sentenced to six months in prison after which they would be sent home.

A majority of the unlawful immigrants are transported using lorries.

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