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Kuria unapologetic after hate speech remarks

BY Abdirahman Hassan

The Member of Parliament for Gatundu South Moses Kuria said he is unapologetic over what many termed as hateful remarks in a kiambu rally.

“I have no apologies, I am very mad with this man. Raila cannot go on holding this country at ransom.” The fierce legislator said.

Kuria was caught on camera at a rally targeting National Super Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga using foul words.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) a government agency, intended to address and reduce inter-ethnic conflicts said they are investigating Kuria’s remarks but says it will take time since they need time to interpret the clips

Francis Kaparo the head of the commission said, “But it is in a language that is not any of the two official languages in Kenya. The first thing is to have it interpreted;”

“That matter is under active investigation and we will let you know the result as soon as we can.” The commissioner added.

Jubilee Secretary-general Raphael Tuju disowned Kuria’s remarks saying “I will take it up with him because it is unacceptable.”

Meanwhile Female blogger was detained on Friday for charges related with ethinic  contempt contrary to section 62 of the National cohesion and Integration Act.

Olivier Nyabwazi Mopraira popularly known as Kabz Nyar Kisii  spent the night at Langata prison after failing to raise Ksh.200000 release bond.

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