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KTN’s Bottom Line pitches tent in Garissa

Sule, Garissa

KTN’s Bottom Line has pitched tent in Garissa County and last night residents got the chance to engage one on one with Local leaders, renowned writers, journalists and activists in a debate whose topic was ‘The other Kenya’.

Watch an episode from the program here courtesy of KTN.


The event was aired live from Nomads palace hotel from 6.30pm and a second show will be aired tonight at the same time and venue.

Former lagdera MP and Deputy Speaker Hon. Farah Maalim, Writers Salah Abdi Sheikh and Patrick Gathara, activist Boniface Mwangi, Leader of the Ogiek community Mr. Kirui and Garissa County Commissioner Rashid Khator among others formed the panel.

Past and present injustices in all the three Counties that formed North Eastern province were discussed.

Some of the victims of past injustices were present to give a fast hand narration of how they were handled by security forces.

In a bid to find out the causes of the woes of the region and who should be held responsible, those in attendance argued that the Leaders, the electorate and successive governments were to blame.

The electorate

The electorate was blamed for giving mandate to the wrong people and failing to hold them in to account.

Clanism and vote buying led to the election of the wrong people who always end up in Nairobi to represent their own interests at the expense of those who elected them.

The leaders

The leaders were blamed for sitting and watching as marginalization of the region was perfected by successive national governments.

They were accused of only guarding their interests and subjecting the people to more problems that helped maintain the status quo so that they always remained in power.

Successive National Governments

Injustices perpetrated by one regime were always perfected by the subsequent regimes as those who formed Government always had links to the previous government.

This has made it difficult for residents of this region to seek any redress. A case in point that was widely discussed was the Indemnity act which indemnified senior people from prosecution for their high handedness in Northern Kenya.

Former Wajir South MP Amb. Mohamed Affey successfully brought before parliament a bill to repeal the Indemnity Act and when Parliament passed it, the then President Mwai Kibaki refused to assent to it. It is yet to see the light of day.




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