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KTN news anchor Ahmed Darwesh is dead

By Abdihakim Mohamed:

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News reaching us indicate that popular KTN news anchor Ahmed Darwesh is dead.

Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff disclosed news of Darwesh’s death and eulogized him as a hardworking man with clean heart.

“It is with great sadness that I announce the death of someone who was more than a friend to me and who defined brotherhood. Someone who was so clean at heart and rose through his career through sheer hard work” said Shariff.

The late Darwesh was among the few newsmen with distinct voice and will be remembered for his cool composer and mastery of the Swahili language.

Blogger Robert Alai also eulogized the late Darwesh as a great TV presenter.

“He presented news like a professional. Never gave biased opinion. He just did his job. Great guy. Miss him and Njoroge Mwaura” Posted Alai on his Facebook page.

Here is how fellow journalists and those who knew him reacted to news of his death:

“Inallilahi Wainaillahi Raji’uun.I don’t have the words to describe how I am feeling now.RIP bro!” Kassim Mohamed, former colleague at KTN.

“Ahmed, you were a brother. A mentor. I will miss you forever, buddy. Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return. So sad…” Adow Mohamed – The Star

“Ina Lillah Waina Illahi Rajiun, Kenya has lost one of the finest Swahili TV anchors, Rest in Janah Ferdows Ahmed Darwesh” Mohamed Kahiye, Somalia based Journalist.

“Rest well. Go well. Very warm and engaging guy. Fare thee well bro” Dennis Itumbi, Director of Digital communications, Office of the President, Kenya.

“Inna lilahi wainna ilaihi rajiun, it is with deep sadness that I have learnt of the sudden death of my dear friend and brother Ahmed Dharwesh of KTN this evening. I want to pass my heartfelt condolences to his family and pray that they find comfort in Allah… Inna lilahi wainna ilaihi rajiun” Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho.


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  1. mohamed dubow

    Comment..”inalilah wainailahi rajicun , i was watching him life ktn last night and now he is dead thats how life is …lets pray for him…may Allah rest him in peace”ameen.

  2. Abdirahman

    Comment… “Inna lilahi wainna ilaihi rajiun, it is with deep sadness that
    I have learnt of the sudden death of Ahmed Dharwesh of KTN this evening. may Allah rest your soul in Jinatul Fardosa Ameeen

  3. DAVID

    I also share my heartfelt condolences to our brother Ahmed’s family. we loved him but God loved him most. Let us take this opportunity to give our lives to God because anytime our lives can be taken away. I watched on KTN leo on Sunday at 7 pm when he was the presenter and now he is no more.Come to God brethren our lives are like flowers.

  4. Mohamed Gedi

    . Sad mews
    May Allah accept all his good deeds and rest his soul in peace and grant him externalhappiness and joy in paradise


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