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Korane names 22 Chief Officers to complete Executive arm of Garissa County

Garissa governor Ali Bunow Korane has today nominated 22 Chief officers  days after the County Executive Committee members he named were approved by the County Assembly.

The positions, which were competitive, attracted hundreds of applicants.

In making the nominations, Korane said he took into consideration the requirements of the constitution, the diversity of the County and the service expectation of the people.

“The diversities of gender, clan, geographical origin, age, skills, knowledge, education, experience and exposure played an important part in my consideration” said the Governor.

Korane added the County public service board has competitively sourced and recommended the nominees for appointment after vigorous interviews for suitability as per the constitutional requirements.

In consoling those who missed out, the governor reassured them that any gaps in his list in terms of representation and service delivery shall be addressed in other public service appointments.

Below is the full list of those selected.

1. Mohamed Abdullahi Abdi Water
2. Abdishukri Haji Abdi Irrigation
3. Abdi Dekow Osman Education, ECD and Vocational Training
4. Aden Mohamed Dahiye Environment and Energey
5. Ibrahim Malow Nur Finance
6. Ahmed Abdi Noor Economic Planning and Statistics
7. Aden Harun Abdi Agriculture and Cooperatives
8. Ahmed Muktar Shidiye Natural Resources (Mining, Forestry and Wildlife)
9. Mohamed Gure Farah Health and Sanitation
10. Mulki Salat Onle Livestock Development
11. Abdille Issack Hassan Lands
12. Hassan Anshur Kassim Revenue
13. Isnino Rage Ali Roads and Transport
14. Timira Bashir Ahmed County Affairs
15. Abdirahman Hassan Issack Youth and Sports
16. Nimo Mohamed Abdi Ogle Women Affairs, Culture and Social Services
17. Mahat Salah Sheikh Trade, Tourism and Enterprise Development
18. Siran Aden Ali Partnership and Donor Coordination
19. Abdullahi Burow Abdi Public Servcie and Labor Relations
20. Feisal Mohamed Yussuf Intergovernmental Relations and Public Participation
21. Mohamed Abdullahi Muhumed Special Programs
22. Hussein Abdi Farah Housing and Public Works


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