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Korane goes after “unfriendly” clans in County employees purge

The county government of Garissa is in a selective removal of county staff from office, the move targets two major clans in particular.

NEP journal has obtained details of the sacking of directors and other key position which was initially held by clans the governor considers “hostile” according to a source close to the governor.

The two “besieged” are reportedly being targeted for their support towards reelection of the former governor of Garissa Nathif Jama.

It all started when governor Ali Korane removed over 2,000 casual workers, the move was seen as mainly sabotaging a certain clan which was seen as the main beneficiary of the “ugatuzi na kazi” program.

“There is no legal backing for their employment under ‘ugatuzi na kazi’ project and that county has no means to continue paying them.” The governor press officer said in a statement.

In early September the deputy governor sacked eight staff working at his office, five of them were said to hail from one clan.

“They were told their employment has been terminated with immediate effect.” Said a person who is closely following the matter.

Some victims who spoke to Nep Journal said they have filed a case in court challenging what they said was illegal dismissal.


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