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Kisumu registers high number of Muslim marriages

By Mbarak Abucheri

 Right: Kisumu Kadhi Sheikh Mursal Muhammad Sizi speaking at the annual Muslim women forum in Kisumu recently.

Right: Kisumu Kadhi Sheikh Mursal Muhammad Sizi speaking at the annual Muslim women forum in Kisumu recently.

Kisumu County in recent months has registered and recorded an increased in number of Muslim marriages.

Statistic indicates that the rates of marriages in the Muslim community in the region has risen to 150 up from the previous 25 with only 4 divorce cases reported this year.

In 2014 the county registered 172 marriages with only 3 divorce cases reported, the area Kadhi Sheikh Mursal Muhammad Sizi attributed the rise in number of marriages in the Muslim community in the county to sensitization and awareness programmes organized and intensified by his office.

Kadhi Mursal praised Muslim parents for easing marriage process through lowering the amount demanded for dowry and wedding ceremonies, stating that this had contributed greatly to the rise in marriages in the community.

Sheikh Mursal said marriage is a pillar that holds families and society together and it is for this reason that his office in partnership with Imams and Muslim scholars, held marriage education programmes at various mosques within the County to enlighten Muslim families and couples on aspects which will lead in strengthening their marriages.

He noted that during the sensitization forums advice on compatibility, practical realities of marriage and nurturing marital relations formed among key issues of discussions.

Sheikh Mursal pointed out that the families were educated on conflict management strategies and against involvement in practices that could be detrimental to their marital relations.

Imams and Muslim scholars utilized the occasion and offered guidance and counselling services to safeguard the sanctity of marriages in the Muslim community.

The judicial officer praised and thanked Imams and Muslim scholars for their leading role in promoting harmony among families in the Muslim community.

Sheikh Mursal encouraged Muslim families and married couples to embrace dialogues and reconciliation, seek Qur’anic guidance and show respect and affection to each other to strengthen their marriages.

The Kadhi advised the Muslim married couples to obtain marriage and divorce certificates from authorized Islamic marriage registrars to cap the abuse of marriage and divorce contracts.


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