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Kilifi locals cry foul over massive rains disrupting daily activities

Massive rains obstructed transport activities in Kilifi County on Monday, as vehicles were unable to navigate through bad roads especially in rural areas where roads were flooded while others were muddy. The rains started on Sunday night.

According to Ganze Deputy County Commissioner Mohamed Mwabudzo, the rains did not affect the distribution of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam papers. He said, “We had distributed the exam papers well before the downpour in Ganze started. Our only worry now is how to get back the exam papers since the rains are expected to continue.”

Mr Mwabudzo said transport was hampered in areas between Bamba and Midoina following heavy rains on Saturday and Sunday.

“As we speak now, most roads are impassable, especially in Midoina and Rima Ra Pera.  Some areas in Sokoke and Jaribuni have also been affected. Since it is still raining, we cannot be sure about the outcome of the situation,” he said. The Ganze DCC urged farmers to make good use of the rain by planting crops to get good yield.

He further stressed that the Meteorological Department had cautioned earlier in thier report that heavy rains will extend to December he therefore asked farmers to plant variety of crops to end hunger and starvation. Most of the farms have remained unattended to for long but this is the right moment to put them into use,” he said.

In Kilifi Town, vehicles from rural areas had not arrived at the bus stage by 10am, following heavy rains and the poor condition of the roads.

“I usually commute to Bamba two days a week but I have cancelled the journey because of the rains. There are no vehicles in that route at the moment and I will have to wait for a more convenient time,” said Kadi Kahindi.

Some offices in the town remained closed while many boda boda operators did come to town due to impassable roads. Joseph Nyaga, one of the riders in the town, said the rains inconvenienced him as he was to take two clients to Mnarani as it is his routine every Monday morning.

Along the busy Biashara Street, most shops remained closed. Luvuno Mbura, a tailor who owns a shop along the street, said she could not go to her business as she was waiting for the rains to reduce. “Although it is a blessing, it has affected my day since I am not used to getting to work at 10am. Definitely, today I will be late,” she said.


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