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Key services paralyzed as Garissa County top leadership troops to Makkah for Hajj

By Abdiweli Aden.

Garissa County Governor with County Staff

July 2014: Garissa County Governor Nathif Jama in a meeting with top County Staff at a past function in a Garissa Hotel where he told them to ‘Perform or pave way’. Both is yet to be done!

Residents of Garissa town are grappling with lack of key services at the county with no one on sight to address their plight.

Several neighborhoods of the busy town are grappling with water shortages while the County’s main hospital, Garissa Level Five is currently turning away patients as medical staff are staging a go-slow over unpaid salaries.

In a recent press briefing, Minority leader in the County Assembly Nassir Mohamed said that there was leadership vacuum in the County after its top leadership traveled out of the country.

“It’s unfortunate the governor, his deputy, the speaker, three quarters of the executive committee and the treasury staff are out of the country. We feel there is leadership vacuum” said Nassir while addressing the press at the County Assembly offices on Wednesday.

Sources told Nepjournal the County officers traveled to Makkah in Saudi Arabia for this year’s annual Islamic pilgrimage – Hajj, a claim partly denied by the Deputy Director of the Governor’s press Mr. Korow.

“There is no vacuum as far as county government administrative function is concerned, the Governor is present and we did confirmed for you before, as for the missing Executives who traveled to complete their religious obligations that worries less for now. The county secretary is in charge of the said administrative parts” said Korow in a reply to a post by a local journalist regarding the matter.

Balambala MP Abdikadir Aden expressed frustrations at the poor service delivery in the County confirming he also tried to contact top County leadership but to no avail.

Aden painted a grim picture of the situation at Garissa Level Five hospital saying helpless patients were turned away while in-patients including expectant mothers seeking specialized attention had to be asked to leave the hospital.

“I have sent my passionate appeal to the county government to intervene. Unfortunately my efforts to get through to the highest level of the county was not successful as both the Governor and his deputy are out of reach” confirmed the Balambala representative who added that if reports both the Governor and his Deputy are out of the Country were confirmed, their action will then amount to a constitutional breach of their responsibility especially at a time like this when the County was facing myriad of challenges.

The MP recently asked local commercials banks not to advance credit facilities to the County as it has defaulted on its previous borrowing.

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