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Kerrow absolves Mandera County leadership from blame in Inter-conflict, points an accusing finger at Abdikadir

By Suleiman Hassan.


Senator Kerrow

Mandera Senator Hon. Billow Kerrow has taken issue with the way the National Government has handled the Inter-clan conflict in the County.

In his regular column in the Standard newspaper, Kerrow accused Interior Ministry CS Joseph Ole Lenku of expressing manifest bias and ignorance adding that the CS has also undermined the leadership of the County Government.

He absolved the County’s leadership from any blame and wrongdoing instead blaming the unending conflict on the Government,

“In particular, the failure by the administrative and security officers to act in the face of blatant daylight attack on Mandera North District headquarters town of Rhamu a couple of weeks ago, and the manner of the deployment of the security officers in the county, created mounting suspicion that the ministry was strongly compromised through the influence of a senior presidential advisor based at Office of the President” Wrote Kerrow in what is seen as a direct attack on his one-time successor Hon. Abdikadir Mohamed who is currently President Uhuru’s advisor on constitutional affairs.

Top Security officials headed by CS Ole Lenku and IG David Kimaiyo recently visited Mandera in a bid to resolve the escalating conflict.

Confirming that they directed strong-tongue lashing at Ole Lenku ‘that even the media shied away from publishing’, Kerrow compares their treatment of CS Ole Lenku to how President Uhuru was dealt with in Migori, adding that the incidents at Migori and Mandera were by no means rare expressions of public indignation.

However, there is no doubt that in Migori it was the ‘Wananchi’ that were not happy with their President while it is the true opposite in Mandera whereby it was the leaders that felt aggrieved!


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