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Kenyatta University closed indefinitely following riots

Students in Kenyatta University have been directed to go home after the institution closed down indefinitely. The closure comes hours after students in the main campus burnt an old admission block in protest of the freshly elected student leaders.

A student told the media that they held a strike because they were displeased with the new leadership of the Kenya University Students Association (Kusa), who were voted in on Tuesday.

They accused the new elected team of being “fronted” and “sponsored” by the university management. They claim the new team is unfit to represent the interests of the other students.

“We also did not want to sit for the examinations that had been scheduled to begin next week Monday because we think we were not prepared because most of the lecturers have been away owing to the current strike,” said a student, who sought ambiguity fearing discrimination.

However a student official said she was not sure what had caused of the strike.

The university management was given “irreducible minimums” by the students which they are expected to fulfill. The demands include repealing the University Amendment Act 2016 to do away with the Electoral College in student union elections, a full revamp of the university’s top management and a review of the university’s policies and student disciplinary measures and elimination of the supplementary fee, among many more.

There had been reports that a student had been killed during the chaos but the university’s Director of Student Affairs Edwin Gimode said he can neither corroborate nor deny those reports. He also added that the graphic image circulating in social media is fake and just propaganda. He clarified that the only factual thing is that no student died on campus.

KU Public Relations Director Machua Koinange said the university’s board of management would be issuing a statement.

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