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Kenyan forces avert Al-Shabaab attack in a Garissa village a day after the militants briefly took over a mosque in a nearby area

By Hussein Ahmed


Al-Shabaab militants in this undated photo

Kenyan security forces repelled Al-Shabaab militants after an attempted attack in Yumbis village in Ijara, Garissa County.

A statement from the Interior ministry confirmed the incident adding that the officers acted swiftly after they were alerted by members of the public.

“Galant security officers repulse attempted raid by UGUS (Somali name for Al-shabaab) in Ijara constituency, north eastern Kenya” read a tweep by the ministry.

Inspector General Joseph Boinett also tweeted that security forces ambushed the militants as they harassed locals for food and water in the village.

The Thursday afternoon incident comes a day after the militants briefly took over a mosque in two villages in the same sub-county of Ijara.

In the Tuesday night incident, the militia forced worshipers at two mosques in Tumtish and Kabasalo villages to listen to their tirade against Kenya and read out names of alleged spies and traitors during the ordeal that began at 6p.m.

News doing round in social media indicate the militants hoisted their flag in the area.

They later retreated to the border.


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