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Kenya for Somali blood drive attracts thousands of blood donors


Thousands of Kenyans showed up for a blood drive initiated by Ahmed Mohamed alias Asmali, the blood drive was aimed to help the victims of the recent explosion in Mogadishu which is said to be the deadliest in the country history.

The blood drive was dubbed as Kenya for Somali blood donation exercise and it was held on Tuesday in Eastliegh neighborhood which is inhibited by the ethnic Somali, local leaders including area Member of Parliament Yussuf Hassan and the immediate Wajir west Member of Parliament Abdikadir Ore attended the blood donation exercise.

“Following devastating attack in Mogadishu, I am planning to set up a blood drive in Eastliegh” the organizer of the blood drive tweeted on Monday two days after the deadly explosion.

In Mogadshu exhausted doctors are struggling to save the lives of the injured and have called for more blood donations from blood donors, a similar blood donation exercise happened in Mogadishu, the attack which killed 300 people also injured a similar number and they are in need of assistance.

A pay bill number to raise funds for the victims affected by Mogadhishu explosion  was set up, “Kenya stands with Somali” reads the 111 111 pay bill number poster  which has the Kenya red cross logo at the bottom.

Meanwhile the Kenya cabinet secretary for foreign affair Amina Mohamed said Kenya will evacuate 31 victims of the Saturday terrorist attack in Somalia capital, the Kenya government has also sent 31 tons of medicine.

a similar exercise of blood donation is expected to happen in Garissa town tomorrow.

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