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Kenya reaffirms commitment to AMISOM mission as country mourns fallen KDF officers in foiled Lamu attack

By Hussein Ahmed

kenyatta visiting injured kdf officers-Nepjournal

Take heart: President Uhuru consoles one of the injured KDF officers at the armed forces memorial hospital, Nairobi.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated his country’s position that it will not leave Somalia until the mission to clear the country of Al-shabaab becomes a success.

Speaking after visiting Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers injured during the abortive Al Shabaab raid to a military camp at Baure in Lamu County at the Defence Forces Memorial Hospital in Nairobi on Wednesday, Kenyatta blasted the militants for choosing soft targets and dared them to face KDF on the war front.

“They are seeking to intimidate us as a nation but we will not agree. We will fight them fiercely” said an agitated Kenyatta as he called on Kenyans to stand united to defeat an enemy he said seeks to impose a different code of life in the country.

The president further said that while Kenya as a nation appreciates and recognizes the rights of every individual and their freedom of worship, it will not allow any person to force on it its ideologies.

Assuring the AU and AMISOM of his country’s support, Kenyatta said that Kenya will continue with the mission to support the stabilization of the Horn of Africa country.

The commander in chief of the Kenya Defense Forces thanked his troops for their selfless service to the country and assured them that the country was fully behind them.

“I commend our gallant KDF soldiers for their commitment to defend the country and I assure them of total support as they execute their duties. We appreciate the good work that you do” he said.

The Kenyan forces killed more than 11 members of Al-shabaab in the foiled attack some of them senior commanders.

They however lost two officers in the battle.



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