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Kenya deports 93 more illegal immigrants to Somalia

Nepjournal Correspondent

 Nur Americo with old illegal immigrant

Somalia’s Ambassador to Kenya Mohamed Ali Nur Americo with an old illegal immigrant that was deported to his home country Somalia on Tuesday morning, May 20, 2014.

Kenya has on Tuesday morning deported 93 more illegal immigrants to Somalia after they were found to be in the country illegally.

They were arrested in the ongoing security operation dubbed Usalama Watch. Officials from the immigration department and the National Police Service saw them off at the airport.

A man whose age coincided with the number that was deported was also part of those sent home as confirmed by Somali Ambassador to Kenya Mohamed Ali Nur Americo.

“Home sweet home, we have helped 93 Somalis to go home including this 93-years old man,” said Nur in a tweet that also included a picture of him posing with the elderly immigrant.

This group was part of the more than 150 illegal immigrants that were earmarked for deportation from JKIA.

Operation Usalama watch is still on course as confirmed by Inspector General of Police Mr. David Kimaiyo.

More than 400 illegal immigrants were sent back to their countries so far with Somalia leading the pack. Thousands of refugees were also taken back to their respective camps.



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