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Kenya Airways appeals decision to reinstate former Chief Finance Officer Alex Mbugua

A high court ruled for Kenya Airways to reinstate former Chief Finance Officer Alex Mbugua. This however was not a welcomed decision and Kenya Airways says it will be appealing the court’s decision.

KQ Chief Executive Sebastian Mikodz said they have already begun the appeal process and their lawyer filled a notice to appeal. Kenya Airways was found by Employment and Labour Relations Justice Monica Mbaru to have failed to establish Mbugua’s fault in the fiscal loss of the national carrier which at the time of his sacking had hit a record Sh26 billion.

“I did not get any justified grounds to refuse the plaintiff prime remedy of reinstatement given that the removal from office was unwarranted and should not have taken place,” she ruled.

Mbugua’s lawyer, John Njomo had challenged the removal from office on basis of pushing for an appraisal of the KQ – KLM affiliation as well as inquiring about suspicious unbalanced ticketing practice in some abroad stations such as the London office.

Kenya Airways fired Mr Mbugua on January 18th, 2017 for supposed underperformance. They faulted him of deliberately missing out on a pressing performance appraisal meeting before the human resources committee on January 18, 2016 and described it as noncompliance.

Earlier in 2016, the court had restrained the Kenyan carrier from filling the post of Financial Director until the case was heard and determined. The carrier’s turnaround strategy has led to changes of chief top positions such as the CEO and Board Chair.

In her verdict, Justice Mbaru noted that Kenya Airways will gain mostly owing to Mbugua’s immense knowledge in his area of work, internal systems and operations grown over the past 8 years, holding same post without any episode of indiscipline.

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