KDF launches airstrikes on Al Shabaab strongholds in Gedo region.

By NepJournal April 12, 2017 10:28

By NJ Correspondent:

Kenya defense forces operating in Somalia under the Africa mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have launched an airstrike on Al Shabaab strong holds in Gedo region of Southern Somalia on Tuesday morning.

Local residents said Kenyan warplanes targeted Al Shabaab camp known as Tam-Tama which is located 50 kilometers west of Bardere town.

The base Tam-Tama is one of the training camp and a storage centre for weapon supplies for the militant group.

Gedo region deputy governor Osman Nuh Haji has confirmed to the media that KDF warplanes targeted Al Shabaab base, killed several militants while others flew sustained serious injuries.

Haji said residents have fled their homes for fear of follow up airstrikes by the Kenya defense forces.

Residents said Kenyan warplanes dropped bombs in al-Shabaab camp called Tam-Tama, about 50 Kilometers west of Bardere town which is used to train fighters and store weapons supplies.

KDF have not commented on their aerial airstrike on Al Shabaab Gedo bases.

The airstrike comes a day after KDF claimed they have killed 15 Al Shabaab militants in about 104 kilometers from border town of Elwak also known as Bur ache in Gedo region of Southern Somalia.

Kenyan forces

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By NepJournal April 12, 2017 10:28