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KDF kills 5 Alshabab in Boni forest


Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) said they have killed 5 Alshabab militia men in its operation to flush out group from the vast forest of Boni.

The Kenyan forces said they have recovered Six AK-47 assault rifles, 321 rounds in the raid.

KDF spokesman David Obonyo said a number of Alshabab were injured in the raid, he asked the locals to report of any suspicious individual.

“KDF appeals to the local population to report any suspicious individuals with injuries and seeking medical attention within the area,” David Obonyo said.

David Obonyo said The militia killed “were part of a group that has been terrorizing residents.”

Alshabab have in the past days killed locals in the counties of Garissa and Lamu, recently Public Works Principal Secretary Mariam El-Maawy was killed by the group.The group hijacked the car the PS was traveling with and shot her  on the shoulder and legs.

Alshabab fighting in the Boni forest are said to be mostly drawn from coastal communities but they are now said to have recruited Europeans and Kenyans from upcountry communities.

KDF Spokesman  David Obonyo have assured the locals in Lamu and Garissa county of their security and flushing the group from the forest in a short duration.

“KDF assures the public that tracking of the terrorists will continue until the area is free from all security threats posed by this group.”

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