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KDF accused of civilian attack in Gedo region, Somalia.

By NJ Correspondent:

Kenya defense forces were accused of killing at least three civilians in an overnight raid targeting Al Shabaab controlled bases in Gedo region of southwest Somalia.

KDF targeted Al Shabaab controlled villages of Daarul-salam and Giriley near the border town of El Wak in an overnight attack.

Three civilians including children were killed and five others injured.

A local who asked anonymity told Nep Journal that majority of the victims were be innocent herders looking after their livestock.

“The damages on the side of the terror group Al Shabaab remains unknown,” added the local.

Local residents and Somali army have condemned the attack saying the Kenyan forces need to be careful with civilian’s lives despite their aims to the targeted groups.

However, AMISOM and KDF didn’t give any comment on the incident.

Al-Shabaab has been in decline since 2011, but still control some areas and launches regular, deadly attacks against government, military and civilian targets in the capital and elsewhere.

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