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Kalonzo security withdrawn ahead of protests


NASA co-principal says his security detail has been withdrawn ahead of the planned protest saying five of his police officers have been recalled.

The claim of Raila Odinga’s running mate was refuted by police, Deputy Inspector-General Joel Kitili said he was not aware of the move, however another officer said the move was “routine administrative procedure.”

ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale said the move “is ill advised, backward, outdated and archaic to say the least.”

The withdrawal of the security details comes after president Uhuru warned the opposition of violence.

“People are free to demonstrate but they must ensure that they do not destroy other people’s property. Mama mboga’s vegetables will not be destroyed. Businesses will not be attacked. Let them not think that they will break into other people’s shops and interfere with the daily routine of other Kenyans.”

“That, we shall not allow,” President Kenyatta warned.


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