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K.C.P.E exams delayed in 3 schools in Mandera

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Students from three primary schools in Mandera began their examination late following delayment in delivering the exam materials.  The Deputy County Commissioner, Philemon Marachi said that the heavy rainfall have left the roads impassable in most areas in the County.

“We are having a setback with transporting the examinations to some schools owing to impassable roads after it rained but we are contacting Nairobi to send us a chopper,” he said on phone. Mr. Marachi named Sake, Gagaba and Burdurus Primary schools as the affected centers.

A hopeful Deputy County Commissioner said a solution shall be found and that affected candidates will be sitting for their test anytime of the day. In Banisa, Mathias Chisambo, the Deputy County Commissioner said in spite of mucky and slippery roads, all schools got examinations on time.

“The condition is fair but in case it gets worse because it is a rainy season then we shall find a solution,” he said. In Mandera South and Lafey sub-counties, safety measures have been intensified along the Kenya-Somalia border for a peaceful examination period.  Daniel Bundotich, Mandera South commissioner, said adequate security officers were guarding along the leaky borderline to guarantee a secure setting. Lafey’s Charles Mbulishe said infamous regions as well as Omar Jillow, Sheikh Barrow and Fino were under security surveillance.

“Those insecure regions are being observed by our security teams as armed escort delivered test papers to schools,” he said. He said no occurrence has been reported and that KCPE started on time in all centers within Lafey. In Mandera North and East sub-counties, examinations were reported to have kicked off well on time.

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