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Judiciary unaware about Raila’s ‘swearing-in’ plans

Following Raila’s announcement that he would sworn in on Dec 12th, the Judiciary has stated that it has no information regarding the inauguration from NASA.

“The Judiciary has not been informed on the induction ceremony scheduled by the Opposition party,” said Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Anne Amadi. Ms Amadi spoke at Pride Inn Hotel on Friday.

Raila made his announcement on Tuesday at a memorial service for the police brutality victims who were killed during his welcome home rally.

“I am not a coward, I will be sworn as president on Jamhuri Day, I am the legitimate president,” said Raila.

Raila has said that the August 8 and October 26, 2017 elections were a sham and he will not recognize Uhuru as the President of Kenya.

Yesterday NASA announced an organizing team to run the People’s Assembly National Steering Committee.

The team led by economist Dr David Ndii will direct and help various programs that will be hub of NASA’s agenda amongst other tasks, according to ex- Bungoma Senator Boni Khalwale.

However a court has already banned the formation of these assemblies even though some NASA stronghold counties have already passed them.

Some counties such as Mombasa are preparing to pass the people’s assembly motion prior to NASA leader Raila Odinga ‘swearing- in’ on 12th December 2017.

According to Nasa’s official facebook page,Mombasa county Assembly will be in talks before passing the people’s assembly motion on Wednesday 6th of December.

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