Jibrail community endorses governor Abdullahi’s reelection bid.

By NepJournal May 23, 2017 20:33

By Farah Aden

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi crown by the Jibrail community Deputy Sultan Sheikh Ubaid during his endorsement at Wajir ODM office.

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi received a major boost after 700 people from the Jibrail sub-clan of the Dagodia community unanimously endorsed his reelection.

They also endorsed Ahmed Boray Arale who is an ODM Parliamentary aspirant for Eldas constituency.

The declaration was made in an event at the ODM offices in Wajir town, on Tuesday. Among those present were Governor Abdullahi’s running mate Ahmed Nunow, Ahmed Boray Arale MP aspirant Eldas, Ahmed Kolosh MP aspirant Wajir West and Barey Diis Bulle Women MP aspirant Wajir County, Sheikh Ubaid deputy Sultan of the Jibrail community among others.

Ahmed Boray who addressed the jovial crowd said echoing severally that the Jibrail community have decided this time round and that they are no longer a hostage for an individual.

“Eldas people want change. We have suffered under a cartels leadership. But time has come to finally get red off bad leadership that has kept us to the spell and manacles of underdevelopment, misrepresentation and misuse of public funds,” added Boray.

He added further that the community have broken ranks with the incumbent Eldas MP Aden Kenyan. Majority of Eldas electorates are backing his candidature and he is only waiting a swearing in ceremony. And that governor Ahmed Abdullahi equally enjoys majority support and come August8, 2017 he will get majority votes from Eldas assured Boray as ululation and applauds from the crowd rents the air.

However, Wajir West parliamentary aspirant on ODM ticket Ahmed Kolosh told the crowd that era of inter-clan clashes will come to an end if they Ahmed Boray is elected to represent his electorate in the August House.

He said Ahmed Boray and him in Parliament is the solution for the border dispute between Wajir West and Eldas constituencies.

Kolosh said that they have already talked, have paramount solution in place and In shaa Allah once elected they will implement.

Conversely, Women MP aspirant Barey Diis Bulle have called locals to vote wisely in forthcoming August polls.

She told locals it’s time to vote out bad leaders whose only intentions are to divide Wajir county residents along tribal lines.

she also praised the governor for his developmental records and said his track records will speak for him and urged electorates to consider his reelection again to complete the pending projects in transforming the county.

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi is being hold shoulder high by jovial his supporters from the Jibrail sub-clan of Dagodia during his endorsement at Wajir ODM office.

The incumbent governor Abdullahi during his address to the ecstatic mass, thanked the Jibrail community for endorsing him for a second term.

He assured and vowed that he will execute even better than what he had accomplished for the last four years if re-elected.



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By NepJournal May 23, 2017 20:33