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Invest in your children’s education, Muslims urged

By Mbarak Abucheri

Muslims in Western Kenya region have been urged to invest their resources and efforts in the education of their children for social-economic development.

At the same time Muslim leaders were also called upon to explore more avenues to support the education of Muslim students now that the Constituency Development Fund(CDF) has been abolished.

These calls were by the Muslim Education Council(MEC) Busia County Representative Sadat Mansoor Kibira who said that financial constaints was a hindrance to education of many children in the Muslim community and stressed that it was the obligation of Muslims and their leadership to devise better practical methods to give Muslim children chance to realize their education dreams from basic to higher levels.

Speaking to The nepjournal Sadat noted that Muslims in the region have been back peddling in social-economic development because of ignorance.

”I call upon the people of authority,people of wealth and people of ability in the Muslim community to fear Allah concerning the future of the ummah because it is in their hands.Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him said Allah gives wealth and authority to certain people to benefit others and if they will hold this support Allah will take it and give someone else,” he said.

Sadat pointed out that while it was an essential requirement to obtain Islamic education and knowledge,it should be complemented with secular education as the community needed Muslim professionals such as doctors,engineers,teachers,lawyers and judges among others to provide much needed services to the ummah.

He added that the prevailing situation where the job market favoured those with both religious and secular qualifications it was prudent for Muslim parents to take the education of their children seriously through provision of the needed supports and materials to enable their children undertake their education with ease.

Sadat stressed that parents should strive to ensure that their children received education covering religious and contemporary studies saying that this will produce”young people” who will raise higher the banner of Islam. He went further to advised Muslim students at various educational institutions to work extra hard in their studies in order to excel in academic spheres and also post good results in exams for them to prosper.

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