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Illegal Ethiopian immigrants arrested in Wajir

Police in Wajir County on Saturday nabbed 34 Ethiopian Nationals who were on their way to Nairobi from Moyale.

The aliens were intercepted at Lakole south location along Eldas-Basil-Isiolo road as they tried to evade police road blocks.

The driver of the Toyota land cruiser registration number KBV 313K in which they were travelling in and his tout escaped leaving the vehicle and aliens behind.

The vehicle was impounded and towed to Wajir police station as security officers launched a manhunt for the driver and his accomplice.

Wajir East OCPD, Odhiambo Wambia said that security officers in Eldas were tipped about the illegal human trafficking by members of the public and they laid an ambush.

This brings to 110 the number of Ethiopians nabbed in Wajir in the last few days. More than 70 others were arrested in Habaswein as they were also travelling to Nairobi.

Over 40 of them were arraigned in court and sentenced to one year in jail for being in the country illegally. The rest will have their cases heard on Monday.

Police believe that most of these aliens are on their way to such countries as South Africa for economic reasons.


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