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IGAD foreign ministers’ meeting in Mogadishu concluded

 By Mohamed Osman Black 

IGAD diplomats in Mogadishu

IGAD diplomats in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (RM)-The High level meeting of IGAD Council of Ministers which started this morning at SYL hotel in Mogadishu has been concluded and the delegations went homes back.

Minister of foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, H.E. Tedros Adhanom, Chair-person of IGAD council of ministers briefed the media on what they focused on their gathering.

Dr. Adhanom, the minister said they discussed key issues on the situation of Somalia such encouraging the federal government in completing activities on vision 2016, Integration of National Army, Liberating the whole regions, state formations, condemning the latest terrorist attack on Amisom base at Xalane comp and joint cooperation by IGAD, AU and international community towards government’s goals ahead.

Prime minister of the Somali Federal Government, H.E. Omar Abdirashid has closed the meeting of the east African Ministers who had the one day assembly in the Mogadishu.

The meeting was 53rd of IGAD annual session and ended in a very good atmosphere.

IGAD foreign Ministers departed from Mogadishu after their session successfully ended this afternoon and they were escorted by acting minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Beyle.


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