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If you have evidence, don’t do us a favor! Wajir Governor tells critiques.

By S. Hassan

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi

Wajir Governor Mr. Ahmed Abdullahi has told those criticizing his Government to channel their grievances through the right means instead of resorting to cheap politics.

The Governor said that his County was always ranked among the best if not the best by all the bodies charged with County oversight functions and that those who feel otherwise should do them no favors in holding them to account.

Recently a group calling itself Wajir Anti-Corruption and Justice Forum (WAJUF) has embarked on a campaign in the print media where they accused the County government of Wajir of misappropriation of funds, nepotism and inefficiency.

The group also called on all the elected officials from the County to resign and threatened them with a recall by the public which they said they will initiate against them for sleeping on the job hence allowing the Governor and his administration to swindle millions meant for development of the County. These allegations were trashed by the Governor and his administration.

Governor Abdullahi asked residents of Wajir to ignore what he termed as cheap politics propagated by people with ill-motives.

He assured Wajir rest residents that all was well and that come the end of his term, Wajir will be among the best and most developed Counties in the Country.



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