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IEBC leaves out over 200 election officials

IEBC Commissioner, Roselyn Akombe said during a gathering with election observers this morning that a number of Returning Officers have also been left out as the commission tries to improve the integrity of the fresh poll.

Akombe said more than 200 were left out. A majority of those left out were supervising the voting exercise in regions where irregularities were pointed out by the Opposition NASA whose candidate Raila Odinga effectively petitioned the Supreme Court to invalidate the presidential election in which current Uhuru Kenyatta was acknowledged as the winner.
IEBC also egged on observers to keep an eye on election officials during the fresh election to guarantee strict compliance with election regulations.
“We wish to verify and reaffirm that the polling station remains the locus of an election — that is where the will of the voter is articulated and that is why we’ve been concentrating on the training of the Presiding Officers,” Akombe said.


The commission has already gazetted 290 Constituency Returning Officers and their deputies even as it gets ready to begin printing of ballot papers this week, days after Odinga announced that he will not take part in the election, reproving the electoral commission of failing to meet his demands on irreducible minimums on preferred reforms.

Commissioner Akombe told the election observers that the ballot printing deal which is being carried out by Dubai-based printing firm Al Ghurair will be rushed to make sure timely delivery of poll materials ahead of the fresh election.

IEBC had originally set October 14 as the time limit for the procurement of strategic polling materials but the date is reckoned to have been revised  following  the change of the election date from October 17 to 26.

IEBC  also proclaimed its decision to incorporate all the eight presidential candidates who took part in the initial August 8 presidential election.

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