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At least 13 people have been confirmed dead across the Caribbean and other Atlantic Islands as the category five super storms Irma currently make its way over the Turks and Caicos Islands heading westwards to South-eastern Bahamas islands over the night of Thursday.

The deadly catastrophe is feared to hit one of the populace Florida peninsula this Saturday with its devastating surge winds. Meanwhile, the US National Hurricane Centre has issued an official hurricane warning for the first time to residents carrying out activities from Jupiter Inlet Southwards Florida Peninsula to Bonita Beach citing; hurricane conditions are expected somewhere within the parts of South Florida and people should embark on preparations to protect lives and property on time to avoid the menace.

Victims of the scenario narrated their worst experiences with the storm. ‘we had cars flying over our heads, we had 40ft containers flying left and right,’ one Knacyntar Nedd chairwoman of Barbuda Council said. ‘people literally tied themselves to roofs with ropes to hold them down’

Nedd told an international Tv that the experience of the hurricane was similar to something you see in a horror movie and not something one could expect to happen in reality. Victims of the disaster’s fury described it as unprecedented with one man named King Goldilocks saying, “this is the most devastating experience of my life at 60 for I have lost it all to the storm here I am homeless and hopeless.”


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