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Huge crowds gather for Pro-Erdogan rally at Istanbul.

By Nep Journal Correspondent

Turkish president addressing Istanbul massive rally-nepjournal

President Erdogan addressing Sunday’s Turkish people’s massive rally at Country’s Yenikapi parade ground square, Istanbul.

More than a million people gathered in Istanbul for a rally called by President Tayyip Erdogan to denounce a failed coup last month.

The massive rally on Sunday has united the Turkish government and the opposition leaders for the first time for years.

Addressing press during failed coup attempt, president Erdogan criticized Western countries to be behind the coup attempt as they covered Turkish cleric Mohamed Fetullah Gulen who was accused of organizing the plotted attempt. Their criticism on the military crackdown to get rid of evil officers was a clear indication that they were masterminds of the failed coup.

Now Sunday’s pro-Erdogan massive rally that brought together over millions of people became slab show of strength staged on the faces of Western Countries over their evil criticism of widespread purges and detentions.

“At the rally he began his speech by telling the crowds that the world is looking at you now, you should be proud of yourselves. Each and every one of you fought for freedom and democracy. You are all heroes,” Said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He said that on the night of the coup, the Turkish people had proved to the world that we are mighty enough to foil any coup plot to topple our stable government against terrorist Organizations.

“Had the coup attempt succeeded, we would have lost our homeland, and offered it to our enemy in a silver platter,” said President Erdogan.

The massive rally event on Sunday in Istanbul was described as the biggest, most crowded, political meeting in Turkish political history.

Turkish people at Yenikapi parade ground square-nepjournalThe Turkish people have marked the climax of three weeks of nightly demonstrations by Erdogan’s supporters, many wrapped in the red Turkish flag gathered at Country’s Yenikapi parade ground square.

The people were waving banners that read “You are a gift from God, Erdogan, you have our support, and we will die for your leadership as long as you lead us.”

Turkish people have full confident to their President Erdogan due the quality leadership he has proven to them which has made even the position to join the rally in support of the government that serves a population of 80 million people.

turkish people gatherings at Yenikapi parade ground square, Istanbul

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