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How to SAVE YOURSELF in an encounter with a TERRORIST on a MURDEROUS spree


Though it is characteristic of Kenyans to forget incidents and move on with their daily life, the Garrissa university bloodbath is still vividly fresh in the minds of the majority. When families of the survivors, continue praising the good Lord for the grace of saving their loved ones, those of the victims are left ruefully pondering questions like what if, why me and what now.

Predictably, there are no readily convincing answers to them. Even the horde of counsellors provided by the government, civil societies, volunteers and NGOs are not able to answer these questions from the victims’ relatives.

What is paining most is the thought of your daughter, son, nephew, niece, aunt or uncle face to face with an AK47 trotting maniac grinning from ear to ear with the satisfaction of knowing that he is going to extinguish his/her dreams by a simple trigger pull and yet, neither you or him/her could do ANYTHING about it.

The thought of anyone in, say cubical 10, hearing the shots, as the killer slaughters the occupants of cubical 5, and his footsteps as he heads to no 6, to do the same,  just sitting there waiting for their imminent death, make all of us sick with anguish as we sympathise and empathize with our them.

What would you do if faced with similar circumstances as your relatives who survived or perished on 2nd of April?





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