How hard work earned me first class honors: The story of Mohamed Jimale

By NepJournal January 19, 2017 19:32

How hard work earned me first class honors: The story of Mohamed Jimale

By NJ correspondent:

On sunny afternoon, a young man in his twenties sets himself properly on his seat in the staff room at Eldas secondary school sweating profusely. Meet Mohamed Jimale Mohamud fondly referred to as MJ by his peers.

Jimale was the only Somali student who graduated with first class honors during Mount Kenya University’s 11th graduation ceremony in 2016 (school of education, arts).

Mohamed comes across as a pleasant, hardworking and a man full of determination.

His story begun in a remote school in Guba town, Banisa constituency in Mandera County.

Guba primary school lacks basic important facilities, but despite the myriad of challenges in the remote school, Jimale managed 315 points out of the possible 500 when he did his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 2007.

His dream was cut short as he could not immediately enroll in secondary as his ambition to further his education was chained, albeit temporarily by lack of school fess.

He stayed out for the whole year in 2008 before he joined Ashabito secondary in 2009 where he did his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 2012 and qualified for direct entry into a university degree.

MJ joined Mount Kenya University for a course in bachelor of education (arts,) and on the 11th graduation on 9th December 2016, graduated with the prestigious first class honors with other 23 colleagues in the same field. He was the only Somali.

Although the university offered him a job to stay and serve them, he declined opting to instead help his people in North Eastern, a region grappling with lack of enough teachers.

Jimale currently teaches at Eldas secondary school, Wajir County.

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By NepJournal January 19, 2017 19:32

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