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Hotelier Mohmed Hersi calls for urgent tarmacking of NE main highway

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Chairman of the Kenya Tourism Federal Mr. Mohamed Hersi has called for the urgent tarmacking of North Eastern Kenya’s Garissa-Wajir-Mandera main highway.

Hersi who is also the Group CEO Sun Africa Hotels Kenya, made the personal plea on his social media accounts after witnessing the suffering of travelers along the road in the past few days after heavy rains pounded the area.

“I have personally witnessed the benefit of the Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale highway. We never thought we shall ever see that road getting tarmacked” said Hersi

Born in Marsabit, Hersi lived to see the road his hometown that was once in poor state tarmacked following concerted efforts of local leaders, business community and members of the public.

“The leaders from Marsabit made it a duty to talk about that road and even trekked from Moyale To Nairobi to put their point across. It is unfortunate that Garissa Wajir Mandera road is yet to be tarmacked and if it is happening it should be fast tracked and given to true contractors like he guys who fixed the Isiolo Marsabit Moyale road” said the renown Hotelier.

Hersi wants the people of North Eastern Kenya to join hands in lobbying and pushing for the tarmacking of the roads.

“It is upon the general population to keep lobbying and pushing. Where is the business community in that region? What about civil society?” he posed.

Hersi famous for his “As always I choose to remain an optimist” sentiment when commenting on National matters, expressed hope the region’s business community won’t resist the idea for fear of losing business. Instead, he said, they should look forward to improved business.

“The same worry was there for Marsabit but they (business community) have just discovered the abundance mentality” he said.

Hersi rued the silence of leaders from the region and challenged them to stand up for this cause.

He said fixing the road will play a great role in the region’s security situation since the same has happened in his home area.

“Isiolo Moyale was a highway of bandits, not anymore” he said.

Hersi hopes to drive the agenda together with Mohamed Wehliye a senior Finance expert from the region ‘as leaders Without Titles.’

The tarmacked Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale road that given the region a complete facelift boosting its economy.



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