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The horror of living in Lamu



On Wednesday evening, 30 heavily armed men raided a small village called Silini-Mashambani, the attackers went house to house, and ordered the  occupant to come out, minutes later the armed men beheaded four men on the spot and then disappeared.

“Four people have been killed. A group of heavily armed men both in military gear and plain clothes, ambushed two people who were cutting timber at Silini at around 6.30pm Tuesday,’ senior administrator.

The attackers were armed with AK-47 rifles, such occurrence has happened repeatedly in Lamu county.


On that evening the attackers didn’t stop, they then overran another village called Bobo past midnight and beheaded three men and then vanished into the forest.

County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiy, says he is not in a position to identify the attackers, “Yes. It is true but we are yet to establish whether those who conducted the attacks were Al-Shabaab or something else. It is fishy that the attackers were calling people by their names before beheading them. My officers are already on the ground. I am also heading there, “says County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiy.

On august 18 similar incidents happened, attackers’ raided Maleli Village and beheaded four people.

Between 15 June and 17 June 2014, more than 60 people were killed in attacks in and near Mpeketoni, Kenya.


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