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Heroes welcome in Garissa for the youngest Walker in the #‎walkofhope

By Suleiman Hassan

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Fuad Abdirahiman, the youngest walker in the #walkofhope. He returned home on Monday after trekking for more than 300Km from Garissa to Wajir town.

When a journey that seeks to bring hope to North Eastern Kenya begun in Garissa on June 13, 2015, all eyes were on the youngest walker who would later stand the test of the tough terrain and complete the first phase of the journey up to Wajir town.

Many waited with abated breadth on how he will fair given the tough task ahead.

Fuad Abdirahman, 18, from Garisa County was so passionate about the walk that he was willing to complete the 1000km trek.

He however bowed out after his parents prevailed upon him to cut short his journey fearing for his life given the unpredictable nature of security in Mandera County which was the final destination of the walkers.

But even as his friends embarked on the second phase from Wajir to Mandera, Fuad has already been described as a legend.

His colleagues in the walk wished him well but could not hide their loneliness without him in their midst.

“In the period of the walk Fuad Abdirahman grew from an 18 year old boy to a leader, a determined, resilient and hopeful individual who endured 352Km walk sometimes with blisters on his feet. If ever someone is a hero in the ‪#‎WalkofHope, Fuad Abdirahman certainly is” said the lead activist in Salah Abdi Sheikh.

“He was our own young inspiration. It will be much harder to continue the walk without him. Please welcome Fuad back home in style!” added Salah.

He arrived in Garissa town on Monday with friends, family and relatives at hand to give him heroes welcome.

fuad arrives in garissa-nepjournal

Heroes welcome: Friends and relatives receive Fuad as he arrived in Garissa town on Monday.



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