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Heavy gunfire in Mandera town after Alshabab attack



Kenyan security forces in Mandera are on high alert after Alshabab briefly seized Balad hawa in Somalia’s Gedo region which is only four kilometers from Mandera town. several people are believed to have been killed.

Fierce gun battles and explosions were heard in Mandera town after Alshabab militant  engaged Kenyan police in the Kenyan border of Mandera,

This follows after Alshabab launched two dawn attacks on balad hawa few kilometers from Mandera town, the militia men first targeted Somali military base outside Belad Hawo, and then a somali police station.

North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh said they feared there will be a spill over but by 7.30am nothing had happened in Kenyan side.

“They have not come to Kenya but we fear they may spill over there. We have a standby force to counter the fighting,” he said.

Al-Shabab militants first detonated suicide car bombs on both targets – military base and police station locals reported.

Resident says Alshabab have first taken control of the border town after overrunning the Somali forces but the militia are said to have left the town after Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) soldiers  arrived at the border to beef up security with the Somali government troops.

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