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Haki Africa set to sue police over alleged police brutality cases

Haki Africa, a human right organization has revealed plans to petition the Gambia-based African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights over police violence  cases in Kenya.

The organization said on Monday that they are documenting the cases to guarantee justice for those killed and hurt by the police

An official, Francis Auma expressed concern on the killings, disappearances and injuries reported to have been done by the police.

He said that they will be presenting the case in Banjul, Gambia and went on to issue a warning to the police bosses who they say there days are numbered.

Mr Auma spoke in a media conference in Kwale where he challenged the police watchdog IPOA to investigate the cases of police brutality that have been reported.

“Kenya will be going for an appraisal in Geneva and they will present those cases too. This will in future deter police from abusing power.”

“It might take time but we are not cowards and those participants must face the rule of law,” Auma said, additionally reproaching the law enforcement officers for unsettling NASA meetings.

Mr  Auma went on to cite some examples of police brutality . He mentioned the cases in Nyanza and Nairobi where the police killed people who were holding anti-IEBC rallies.

He also cited the instance where police in Kwale used excessive force against citizens in a search for stolen firearms.

“We want the government to take action on the police officers who assault women and children,” he said.

Mr Auma also advised the police to use a different strategy in finding information from the people as beating them up doesn’t yield any fruits .

However, IG Joseph Boinnet stated that the police will review the cases .He also stated the probe will target the individual officers and their unit commanders.

Nonetheless, critics have found fault on the long-drawn-out period that the said investigations are taking and are wary if the guilty parties will be prosecuted.

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