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Haki Africa demands sacking of security officers over Mandera mass grave

By Mbarak Abucheri:

a man digs one of the shallow graves found in Mandera on Sunday afternoon.

a man digs up one of the shallow graves discovered in Mandera County on Sunday afternoon.

Human rights lobby, Haki Africa, has called for the sacking of senior security officers in Mandera following the discovery of a mass grave at the far flung county.


Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid said news of the discovery came as a shock to many Kenyans.


He also said the revelation signifies the massive human rights violations in the North Eastern region in the name of fighting terrorism.


In a statement to newsrooms on Tuesday, Mr Khalid called for thorough investigations into the matter.


According to Khalid, top security officials in the region and the entire Jubilee government should be “ashamed” of the outcome of such inhumane acts that left the world terming Kenya as a human right violation nation.


“We as human rights activists at the Coast are worried about the trend under which the police just torture, kill and burry, this should not be condoned, and we are going to take action,” he said.


“We believe that both Tsavo East and West national parks are hosting various mass graves since most of the disappearances of innocent people at the Coast and other parts of the country have been found in the forest,” added Mr Khalid.


Khalid termed the discovery at Mandera County as unfortunate and a drawback as the country prepares to join the rest of the World in marking the World Human Rights Day on December 10.

Already North Eastern leaders have threatened to seek assistance of the UN as well as the ICC’s intervention in unraveling the major human rights violation and killings in the region.


The remarks comes barely two days after a mass grave with 12 bodies was discovered in Mandera County, discoveries that shocked many Kenyans.


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