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Haji Abdiaziz takes final bow after long battle with Cancer.

By NJ Correspondent:

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Abdiaziz Aden with Kasarani scout members who gave him a guard of honor on arrival from India in September 2016.

23-year-old Abdiaziz Aden has taken a final bow after a prolonged battle with cancer.

The youthful Aden was diagnosed with Osteogenic sarcoma (cancer of the bone) after he was hit by a matatu (public service vehicle) which led to the amputation of his right limb but his condition worsened with a huge tumor on his head.

His brave battle saw him seek medication both locally and abroad.

Abdiaziz Aden on Monday, August 29, had posted an emotional video online from his hospital bed in India, appealing to Kenyans to grant him his final wish to attend the Islamic pilgrimage.

He received a heroic welcome when he returned home with local youth and scout members in Nairobi’s Korogocho slum mounting a guard of honor to receive him.

Aden left for Saudi Arabia to perform the annual Islamic Pilgrimage on September 5, 2016 happy that his dream to travel for the holy pilgrimage was finally realized.

Kenyans on social media raised funds for him on several occasions enabling him to seek medication in India and perform the Islamic pilgrimage.

The late Abdiaziz will be buried at the Langata Muslim cemetery on Sunday after Janaza prayers  at Masjid Nur in South C.


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